The guidance section of this website provisions interested users, including stakeholders and beneficiaries, with the decision-making tools and processes developed under the Chemicals Observatory project. The tools substantiate the ability to prioritize chemicals and waste management in the decision-making process and facilitate integration of sound management into national development plans and processes. These decision-making tools and processes are:

  • The Economic Cost of Inaction Calculator (Pure Earth) to calculate the cost of inaction on chemicals management, with resulting units in DALYs, IQ decrements and US dollars.
  • Risk & Vulnerability Calculator (PAN-UK) to calculate relative risk and vulnerability from chemicals exposure with site-level data, and to prioritize interventions.
  • MapX: a UNEP/GRID-Geneva web mapping platform to assist in the process of calculations and to display results from the calculators to enable sharing of information. 

These initiatives can be downloaded and accessed freely, along with associated guidance, from their respective pages.

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