Communicating actionable insights to stakeholders


MapX is an open source web mapping platform, developed by UNEP and UNEP/GRID-Geneva, which aims to support the sustainable use of natural resources by increasing access to the best available geospatial information, technology and monitoring tools. The web app capitalizes on the use of new digital technologies and cloud computing to equalize information held by different stakeholders as a prerequisite to better dialogue, decision making and monitoring.


For ChemObs, MapX is being used to host the results of the calculators for nine countries through interactive dashboards. These dashboards can be shared with stakeholders and beneficiaries, and be used as a basis for future fundraising. Furthermore, the MapX team is providing assistance in the curation of spatial data pertinent to using the relative Risk & Vulnerability calculator, development of this web portal, and capacity building and training activities.


Future integration and automation of ChemObs processes


The MapX team is currently exploring the feasibility of full automation of the decision-making tools from Excel to a web-based portal, in order to calculate environmental information based on location and ease the calculation process.

  • For more information about MapX, see here.
  • For guidance documents and training materials on using MapX, visit this link.