Project resources

This page provides a resource library of documents and guidance directly and indirectly related to the ChemObs observatory. This includes scientific background, past steering committee notes, and communications information.

Scientific Articles & Methodologies

Primer on Costs of Action/Inaction and Communication to Policymakers

Resources for the Future (RFF)

Resources for the Future (RFF) is an independent, nonprofit research institution in Washington, DC. Its mission is to improve environmental, energy, and natural resource decisions through impartial economic research and policy engagement. RFF is committed to being the most widely trusted source of research insights and policy solutions leading to a healthy environment and a thriving economy.

Rapid Environmental Assessment investigator handbook

UN Food and Agriculture Organization

This handbook is intended to supplement Volume 5 of the FAO Environmental Management Toolkit for Obsolete Pesticides (EMTK) series. EMTK 5 aims to develop a detailed Risk Assessment of contaminated sites and accompanying statement on whether risk management is needed.

Black Smith Index - Overview

Pure Earth

The Blacksmith Index (BI) provides a basic numerical value for the estimated risk associated with any site where an Initial Site Screening (ISS) has been carried out. The values provided are relative rather than absolute and are intended to provide a basis for setting priorities between sites. It calculates an Index value (an integer from 0 to 10) using standard information collected in the ISS.

Toxic Load Indicator Methodology

Lars Neumeister

A new tool for analyzing and evaluating pesticide use. Introduction to the methodology and the potential for evaluating pesticide use.

Chemicals risk assessment and translation to socio-economic assessments

Weihsueh A. Chiu

Chemicals risk assessment and translation to socio-economic assessments methodology.

Assessment Tools

MEA Compliance Assessment Tool

Pure Earth & PAN UK

This document provides brief summary information on the purpose and scope of key chemicals conventions and agreements and offers a new assessment tool. The assessment tool is designed to determine the extent to which parties fulfil their commitments under the chemicals conventions in order to support Parties in their efforts to implement them effectively.

ChemObs Data Assessment Process

Pure Earth & PAN UK

From 20–29 January 2019 visits were carried out by PAN-UK and Pure Earth (PE) under the auspices of the project to the following four countries: Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. During that period a framework was drawn up to identify key sources of data and to determine their usability within the current project.

Guidance Component 1: On Global Chemicals Management and Data Collection

Pure Earth & PAN UK

The purpose of the current guidance is to build on the previous work to offer new tools that could be used to support national authorities towards a better estimation of the costs of certain chemicals on human health and the environment and support evidence-based decisions in chemicals management.

SDG Indicators

Pure Earth & PAN UK

To facilitate the implementation of the global indicator framework, all indicators are classified by the IAEG-SDGs into three tiers based on their level of methodological development and the availability of data at the global level.

Chemicals Profiles

Chemicals Profiles

Pure Earth & PAN UK

This document provides PDF versions of chemicals profiles for the following chemicals: Lindane, Endosulfan, Lead, Mercury, Chromium, Dioxins & PCBS, DDT.